Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What I did today...

If anyone keeps up with my twitter, you know that I've been wondering why I do the things to myself that I do. This has nothing to do with self-mutilation (except in the metaphorical sense), it has to do with how I go about accomplishing the calling which has been given to me.

I have some folks who want to get baptized - this is a good thing. They are folks who have been here for a while, and are trying to follow Jesus with varying levels of success, and want to make this step. I'm glad for it, really I am. When many pastors need to do something like a baptism class they'll either look for some pre-packaged materials or get a list of Scriptures together and try to put something together on the fly. For my first couple of baptism classes, the latter was my general methodology - we'd read Scripture, I'd talk.

I always hated doing baptism classes - until I did a one on one session this past summer and got to deal with some other issues, it made me want to re-write the class to be more (grin) "immersive." It was a good goal, and then life happened and I never got to it this fall like I wanted to. The luxury of waiting, however, was taken away from me - I've got folks who want to be baptized and I need to offer them something other than me talking at them for several 45 minute sessions. So what did I do - I rewrote the class, in a day and a half.

Not only that, but I decided that a booklet was a great way to make sure people hang on to the materials, so I created the booklet as I rewrote the class. On software I'd never used for a booklet like this before.

Actually, it's probably not even done yet. Why do I do these things to myself?

Anyway, here's the class order:
  • 2 sessions on the nature and symbolism of baptism (including a look at baptism in other traditions).
  • 3 sessions on the nature of the Apostles' Creed
  • 2 Sessions on "experiencing the narrative" (Prayer and Worship)
  • 1 Pizza party.
Yes, I could do much more, but I don't want to fry people's brains at the start of their journey. The good news is the the bulk of this material can be re-used for a membership class.

There are days when I think I'm just nuts. I mean, I even put a creative commons license on the title page.


Erik said...

I'm glad you've got pizza party. it's really the sine qua non of the whole arrangement.

that's why I had been a vocal advocate for Pizza, Fun and God (PFG) as the moniker for a youthgroup I helped run (that and it could also cover the crypto-youth group Pirates For God) unfortunately, my suggestion failed to take root (with the exception of the kid who became my favorite for continuing to refer, usually in whisper, to Pirates For God)

Melanie said...

why do you do this?

I couldn't tell you. Though if you ever find out let me know. It seems to be a trait amongst highly intelligent/creative people everywhere.

And don't think you are the only person who does it, I go through similar phases. The most recent one having to do with a thesis proposal. I was steadily working on it when somehow time got sucked into a vortex and i had 2 days to finish the first official draft.