Friday, March 14, 2008

New Script...

Central recently went to using "registration/friendship books" to track attendance and give guests a chance to let us know who they are. Well, people aren't really "getting" the books - and after two tutorials that no one listened to the deacons wondered how we could get the message out. I thought a tutorial film would be good - as even people who don't like the screen remember what's put on the screen.

The catch is that the tutorial film is going to be filmed like a cheesy 1950's "public awareness" video (everyone who saw the posture short on MST3K raise your hands). So, cue the cheesy music, bad acting, and over-the-top narration. Here's the first draft of the script:

[Fade from black - the picture is black and white and grainy, like an old film. Scene is a church sanctuary with a few people in the pews. A young man in a suit and tie walks down the aisle - the camera zooms in on him as the narrator begins]

This is Johnny.

[Cut to Johnny sitting in the middle of a pew]

Johnny is visiting a new church for the first time today and is feeling a bit uneasy. How will get to know people? Will anyone ask even him his name?

[Cut to an older man, similarly dressed, walking down the aisle. Narrator continues]

He doesn’t need to be worried, because there are people like this fine Gentleman named Billy. He knows how to the church’s friendship pad to meet visitors in the pews.

[Cut to Billy sitting in the same pew as Johnny]

When Billy sits down, the first thing he does is fill out the friendship book on the page for that Sunday. Then, with a smile, he passed the book on to Johnny and encourages him to fill out the form as well. The form tells Johnny that he can request a visit from someone, or that he’s looking to join a new church. He’s glad for the opportunity to tell people how he’d like to connect with them - and because Billy’s name is already on the sheet, Johnny decides to take a moment to introduce himself - returning smile he received earlier.

[“Properly Dressed” girl enters in, stage left, and takes a seat near Johnny]

When Sally comes and sits next to him in the pew, Johnny knows just what to do - he hands her the friendship book and she gratefully accepts it with a warm smile. Then, she passes the book on down the row as people gather for worship.

[Cut to close-up shot of the end of a pew, a hand places the friendship book near the end and is pulled back off camera]

When the book reaches the end of the row - it gets set down until the end of worship, when the church ushers come and collect the sheets at the end of worship. That way, the church can see if anyone was missing, or new to worship that Sunday.

[Cut to living room, phone is on the table. As the narrator continues, Johnny comes in and answers the phone - sitting on the sofa]

Two days later, Johnny receives a phone call. Who could it be? Why, it’s the church he just visited, they saw his name in the friendship book and saw he wanted to talk with someone about the Church. Johnny is happy, and grateful for how well the friendship books worked.

[Cut to close up of Johnny. After narrator speaks - he makes an exaggerated wink]

Now he just has to figure out how to sit next to that cute Sally next Sunday!

[Fade to black - cue cheesy music - credits - fade out - end]

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