Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Boggles the Mind...

I get all sorts of "churchy" catalogs in my mailbox. Often I'll just toss them in the trash, but occasionally I'll take the time to page through them. Once in a while, I get a good idea. More often then not I'll just end up being utterly confused. Such is the case in the last catalog I paged through.

Surprisingly, what left me scratching my head was not the two page spread emblazoned with the title "Celebrate God and Country!" I guess I'm just desensitized, I've come to expect that from catalogs like this. I mean, what's a little idolatry between Christians, right?

No, what really boggled my mind in this catalog was something that had never occurred to me in my wildest dreams. As I was flipping through the pages of the catalog I was suddenly thrust into the realm of church member parking permits. I guess I've never had to deal with the logistics of a church where parking permits seem like a good idea - but this just strikes me as way odd. I mean, is that how you know you've arrived? You don't have to park in the "visitor's" lot any more because you've got a permit for "member parking?" Are you only allowed to park in certain areas depending on your permit number? Do you get ticketed if you park in the wrong section? Is this the updated version of getting offering envelopes?

I don't know - but it does boggle my mind.

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Melanie said...

On the one hand I can see the attempt to make parking at someplace huge less of a hastle by having parking permits. I can see where they were going but it is really weird.

You'd think of all places churches wouldn't want to cause such segregation - even if that wasn't the point it still sort of works out that way.

Or that the members of a church would be nice enough to not have anger problems over parking. At least ideally one would hope not. Even if I know they must.

And yes having a parking permit to a church does seem too much like a shallow "I belong and am special, yay" kind of pass.