Friday, March 14, 2008

Blast from the Past...

I was looking over my google videos today as I waited for another Designed in Mission video to process, it's hard to believe this was only a year ago. Let me give some background info for folks who weren't reading my blog before last January.

About 2 years ago I realized that programs weren't going to help Central all that much. The strength and vibrancy of the congregation had atrophied so much that all the big programs were doing was reinforcing that they weren't where they wanted to be. I had identified some areas that Central needed some exercise in, so I wrote three Devotional Studies which were designed to get Central exercising some much needed spiritual muscles. They were: Biblical Evangelism (Evangelism), Stop and Smell the Coffee (Pilgrimage), and Making Space (Hospitality). The first two are actually on-line over at - why I've never got Making Space up it beyond me, I guess I'll have to work on that.

Anyway, being a geek who loves stories, I thought that the plug for these studies needed to be in narrative form, something epic. Something like, say, Star Wars. So, I created an "opening crawl" for BE - and then the successive studies (I'll have to dig these up and get them on youtube), and we created an arch-villain to tell the story - "Darth Nohope."

Below is how I want Darth Nohope to be treated when he shows up at Central.