Saturday, March 8, 2008

I just might have to read this...

These guys seem to share much of my current misgivings about Emergent. Though they seem to be part of the Evangelical fold-proper while I'm pretty content to be a distant cousin. I had written this book off because it first came to my attention though a snarky, crack-smoking, site that sets up Emergent as a convenient straw-man and I assumed that any book they'd promote wasn't worth my taking a look at. I appear to have been wrong. Once I get some more reading done for my fall sermon series I might just pick it up.

For the record, because I'm not sure I've ever pointed this on my blog, my current misgivings with Emergent are with a noticeable closure of the ancient-future entryway into the conversation. It's hard to be ancient-future in a movement when codifying the Story has largely become anathematized. Once that door shut, I became less and less interested.

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