Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Kingdom Collision Trailer

Black background, thunder rumbles in the distance. Text fades-in with time-lapse of clouds forming it’s picture - the text reads “In the days of Caesar Augustus.”

The text fades out - and is replace with a series of words and voice-overs.

“When I die you will kill those rabbis - there will be weeping at my passing.”

“If the Romans take all the best - they grow fat off of our work!”

“The only good Roman, is a dead Roman! Through their deaths we will bring the Kingdom of God!”

“If you pay the right tributes, the high-priest will most certainly stay in your family.”

“You’re a traitor, tax collector - you’ve betrayed your own people for profit!”

“One day, the Messiah will come - and then we will be free.”

“This is my beloved Son, with him I am well-pleased.”

Background fades-in gradually as the voice-overs happen - it is an image of the crucifixion. It says up for a moment and then fades to black. Text fades in saying, “Kingdoms Collide: September 08.” Fade to black.

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