Thursday, June 14, 2007

"God Moments"

As most of the folks who know me are aware, I like to head out and work at a local Panera as much as possible. I actually tend to get more work done, but I also get to meet the folks who work there and frequent it. In other words, I get to make connections with folks that I'd never get to meet otherwise.

While I didn't go out with the intention of meeting other Christians (I know plenty, thanks), one of my most pleasant contacts at Panera as been an associate pastor I first met in New Haven named Byron. He pastors at Burlington Nazarene Church, and we've become friends over the last few months. We bounce things off each other, and encourage each other whenever our paths cross.

Today, however, Byron asked me something most wonderful, "Where do you get your prayer support?" Well, I have no shortage of prayer support, I know quite a few people who pray for me daily by name (many of which live at our the Baptist Home a few blocks from here, those folks can pray). Byron pressed further, though, "OK, those are folks who pray for you - who do you pray with?" You know what, that list is short. I have an excellent mentor in this state with a heart for Jesus as big as the moon, a couple of people here at Church who have no problems checking up on me and seeing how I'm doing (or letting me know when they see me stretching myself too thin - thank you), and several more that I'm close to - but not many that I have ever just walked up to and said, "Hey, let's pray." Qohelet and I have done this a couple of times, as have my wife and I, but other than that the list is kinda short. Too short, actually, which Byron saw.

Byron offered himself as someone to pray with. What a wonderful gift that is! So, next week we'll get together to just pray. In the fall, I hope I can join him with several others for the same thing. God moments indeed.

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