Saturday, June 9, 2007

Down To The River...

Well, today we headed down to Camden with the Stepans for our first visit to the Adventure Aquarium. The past few years we've opted for getting a membership at the Philadelphia Zoo, which was an easy decision considering that the Aquarium was under some serious renovations the last year or so. Now that it's opened up again, however, we decided to get a membership and check out what they've done with the place. Wow was I impressed - worth every penny!

The nice thing about the Aquarium is that the RiverLine, which runs through Palmyra, has an exit dedicated to the the Aquarium and Camden Waterfront. the $1.35 we spent for each adult (one way) was a lot less than what we would have had spend on parking - it's a no brainer, right?

Normally, sure - what we weren't counting on was that the local Philly country station was giving their free summer concert down at the Tweeter Center, which also has a dedicated stop on the RiverLine. Oops! I have never seen the trains that full! We squeezed into a train full of Country Music fans and headed south to the Aquarium. The trip was...interesting.... First off, the four people sitting in front of us (watching our kids sit on the floor) were three sheets to the wind at 9:30 AM. Their conversation was rather colorful for our kids ears. Behind us some ladies came up with a term that I think is perfect for describing the teenie-boppers and other young ladies who run around in thong bikinis....."Prosti-tots." What can I say? That's original.

The Aquarium itself was really nice. It's broken up into "Adventure Zones" which focus on different areas of ocean life. There are two huge tanks full of different animals - the shark tank was unnerving (too many teeth), but the other large tank had the largest Sea Turtle I've ever seen. The think was freaking cool!

We got home in the early afternoon and Jen and Lissa went out shopping, Jamison and I worked on his sermon some, and the kids continued to work out their pecking order (they're getting along fine, but kids and territory issues, wow). Tonight we grilled and then Jamison and I hit Target so he could get some makeup (for his wife).

The only two things that didn't go well were:

  • Church got broken into for the second time in three months. Last time the Youth Room's stereo was stolen, this time nothing was stolen but a cigarette butt was put out in the bell-tower room (on a dusty dry carpet, thank God there was no fire) and a pane of glass was broken to gain entry into my office (again, nothing was stolen). This pisses me off.
  • I went to the Starbucks at Target and asked what types of coffee they had brewed - I was told, "We don't have any coffee, the brew machine is down and has been since Tuesday." Stunned, I went home.

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