Thursday, February 21, 2008

Oh the "scandal"

OK, so the major news networks are all covering the "scandalous" NT Time Article about John McCain. Now, aside from the fact that I deeply appreciate that McCain is noticeably annoyed by the willingness of our current administration to use torture in extracting information from prisoners, I'm not likely going to vote for McCain in the general election. His stances and mine don't over-lap, despite my appreciation for his willingness to take some stances which are unpopular among his fellow republicans.

This "article," however, is pretty much terrible commentary on the nature of American society. If this is a "scandal," we're in serious trouble. Here's a brief run-down:
  • A female lobbyist started hanging out with McCain a lot eight years ago during his first run for the White House.
  • While the lobbyist and McCain say there never was a romantic relationship, McCain's aides grew concerned and worked to make sure nothing could happen romantically. They also were concerned that an appearance of impropriety regarding senate business would not derail his run.
  • McCain apparently heeded their advice - 'cause nothing happened beyond that.
So does anyone want to tell me why this is so "scandalous?" The guy has advisers who watched his back, moved to keep him from crossing a really bad line, and he listened to them. Good grief, does anyone else wish that the over 50% of "Christian Marriages" displayed this type of scandalous behavior going one when things get a little dicey? I dunno, maybe the world would be bit better if people had the type of friends who would be willing to step-in and remind people who they want to be.

The real question here for me is, given McCain's willingness to spend some serious time with a telecommunications lobbyist, what are his technology policies going to be like?

But that doesn't get the ratings I guess.

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