Sunday, February 17, 2008

And then there was this...

I got a card from the husband of one our members this morning. He's a good guy who used to go to Central, but felt chased off because he had long hair. Needless to say, I've always felt a connection, and actually apologized to him for the behavior of the church towards him. Usually, when people "vanish" from the congregation, I've tended to encourage them to find another place to worship (after dealing with some issues). This gentleman, I've always hoped would be able to come back and hang with Central. I guess I've thought that it would be a good statement for him and for the congregation, "The type of behavior that leads to people being run-off because they 'aren't us' is unacceptable and we condemn it - but there can be redemption and we're going to bank on that."

Well, several weeks back this gentleman had a rather serious heart-attack that very nearly took his life. I went down and sat with the family briefly while he was on the operating table - and then went down with our head Deacon the next day as he was in the ICU. He was wired, so we prayed briefly for him and went home - now I don't think prayer is meaningless, but I don't often get immediate responses either? Apparently this gentleman experience something rather powerful:
I remember seeing you & Ric at the foot of my bed, and I remember our prayer together....but it was when you touched my forehead and made the sign of the cross...your touch enabled my spirit to soar, and for one short moment, I was looking into the eyes of God and felt at peace....for it was then that I knew that I was going to be all-right.
My doctors are surprised at how quickly I am healing! You have a gift. Thank you for sharing it with me. May God bless you & guide you in your Important work.
OK, so being here apparently isn't pointless. Talk about timing.


Michael said...

Wow and excellent! It's wonderful to see God move in and through you at the most unexpected moments.

wezlo said...

Yes, and then the roller coaster I'm on took a serious turn for "sucky" the very next day. It's insane.