Monday, January 28, 2008

You know...

I just saw the most obvious staged standing ovation of all time during the State of the Union address.  To be honest I was typing something in the lead up to the moment of the offending ovation, but when the President forcefully spoke, "..and the time to act is now" I looked up and saw the Republicans in the House chamber stand and applaud, along with giving a half-hearted cheer.  They did this all at once, there was no leading of one or two people, it was bang instant ovation - the democrats were trying not to look at each other as they remained seated.  Totally staged, ugh.

Other notes on the address.  Dick Cheney looked like he was about to fall asleep, wow.  Also, Nancy Pelosi was rather gracious in her outward appearance and demeanor during the speech.  I'm not a big fan of Speaker Pelosi, but at least she can be civil.

Finally, sports and parade commentators have nothing on TV News Political commentators.  I just heard, "Well, the president knows full-well that none of these things he mentioned are going to happen in an election year, but it's the president's job during a State of the Union to set an agenda and so he set one."  Excuse me?  I mean, those people get paid to make statements like that?  Are you kidding me?  And why is that mentality even considered to be acceptable?  I mean, isn't that the type of crap that churches pull all the time, "Oh, well we'll say we'll do this and this and this because we have to say that we'll do it - but c'mon the chances of those things happening are zero - so don't bother pushing it."

Sigh.  It's all an illusion I guess.

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