Sunday, January 27, 2008

Will Bowling Tourment

The moment I took out the Wii and hooked it up I thought, "We are so having a Wii bowling tournament after Christmas." Well, on January 28th, we finally managed to do it. 28 people from the Central Baptist Community (including two of the Student Chaplains from Eastern University who had been out for the retreat last weekend) got together at 2 O'Clock and hung out until the end around 7 (at which time we awarded the victor's cup to the aforementioned chaplains). I ended up bowling only one game with my son - we actually tied for the last spot in the second round, but we waved the other team ahead as my son was having a good time playing with the kids and time was getting short. The neat thing about the Wii, however, is that you don't really need to be playing to have a good time!

Here's my thoughts on the tournament:
  • Next time we need to have 2 Wiis to cover the first two rounds. Round one took forever (especially since my son knocked over the Wiil and the machine reset in the middle of a game). 2 Wii's will make it go faster, and it'll be a lot more fun. Good thing just about everyone who bowled today said they were getting a Wii at the soonest opportunity!
  • Kids rock at Wii. We absolutely have to get over the "I'm past that life-stage" mentality (or "not to the life-stage mentality) in Central - we're better than we were, but it's still very prevalent. Yet, this was truly a family event with kids, parents, grand-parents, and great grand-parents all participating - and the kids just swing their arms and our-score all the "knowledgeable" adults.
  • We need more events like this - so that an ethic of community beyond the cliques which naturally form in a dysfunctional system can be replaced. It was so cool seeing these 28 people (plus a few more) hanging out, cheering, and laughing at the insanity of fake-bowling. May we have more frivolous times of celebratory rest!
  • Larry is a nut, that's the best compliment I can give him.
So, this will be happening again, possibly sooner rather than later, and it was sooooo much fun.

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