Thursday, August 2, 2007

See A CrossPoint Story Time

One of the things I've desired to do is use the internet to share the way I tend to use the screen for sermons and "story time." The problem is, easily converting a presentation to video is not an easy task. Oh there is some easy conversion software out there, but they don't handle build-effects for slides (and I'm not going back and creating a slide for each new image, yick). So, I've just been out of luck in that department. I can share my slides, and I can share my audio, but not both at the same time.

Not unless I sit down and manually sync the audio with a timed slide presentation and then provide you both the links that is. Which is what I've done.

So, if you download the following links (warning: you'll need to open the slide-show, it's free) and start the audio at roughly the same time you start the presentation, you can experience how I've been using the screen for preaching. Enjoy!

Presentation: Acts of Love
Audio: Podcast Audio

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