Friday, August 17, 2007

I'm Stuck

OK, I think many folks know I'm planning a rather ambitious undertaking for the coming fall/spring with the working title "Structure Through Mission" (actually, I need a better title so suggestions for that would also be helpful). Folks who read this blog have already helped me develop the interview portion of these events, now I'm stuck for some more congregations to invite. Here's who is participating so far:
  • Chris Lahr – Coordinator of the Mission Year Philadelphia community.

  • Frank Reeder, Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Pitman in Pitman, NJ

  • Rod White, Pastor of Circle of Hope in Philadelphia, PA

  • Byron Hannon – Pastor of Spiritual Formation at Burlington Nazarene Church in Burlington, NJ

  • Todd Hiestand – Pastor of The Well in Feasterville, PA

  • J.R. Briggs – Pastor of Resonate in Souderton, PA

I'm looking for six more people from the Philly-Area to share with us about how the mission of their congregation helps to create the structure of their congregation. I'm also hoping to invite a representative of a traditional monastic order to share their communal experience along side of Chris Lahr, who is living in a "new monastic" environment.

Thanks for the help!


Jim Getz said...

Why not try Daniel Kirk? He's heavily involved over in West Philly and Woodland Baptist. Plus, he used to teach at Biblical. Kind of an emergent-ish guy.

wezlo said...

Wait, he used to teach at Biblical? When did that happen?

I was thinking about asking him - thanks for the nudge...