Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Best "Security System"

Yesterday I had the pleasure of hosting one of my closest friends from High School, as well his family. Darrel and company are truly remarkable people who's lives revolve around the ministries they've been called to serve. Darrel's also one of my first peers who modeled Christianity to me (as well as introducing me to the joy that is Steve Taylor). Their kids are cute too.

Anyway, late last night they checked their messages and found out their home had been broken into. It was late, so they figured that there was nothing they could do that night and went to bed (this reveals a marked difference between Darrel and myself - I'm so high-strung that I'd be calling the world trying to get answers).

This morning they were jogged awake by a call on their cell phone from the Police - the culprits had been identified by some neighborhood kids that Darrel and family had befriended, and the stolen property was recovered. Darrel smiled and said, "Well, our home security system works after all, 'know your neighbors.'"

Bingo. Here again is a great life-lesson, very similar to our adventure at the Conshohocken Curve, we need "neighbors" - without them, who extends us hospitality and care, and who do we extend the same toward? I feel sorry for people who have no friends, and don't even know the people living next-door to them. They're all alone.

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