Thursday, December 20, 2007

How Out of Touch is My National Denomination?

OK, I really want to be part of the Body of Christ - I really do. It's bad enough that I don't get why Baptists think things like "soul liberty" are good ideas, but when I get an e-mail from the head of our denomination that says the following I just want to bang my head on the desk and weep:
Forget about fancy electronics that only M.I.T. graduates can operate. Don’t worry about batteries failing at crucial moments. Stop lugging book-sized planners.

Instead, carry the pocket-sized, lightweight 2008 American Baptist Churches USA planning calendar. It’s been tailored so that key Christian holidays, U.S. holidays and American Baptist-designated Sundays are listed. All you need to make it work is a pen or pencil.
Look, I understand that ABC-USA has a clergy population that is getting grayer and grayer and so you're trying to market to your base - but as a person who grew up around "fancy electronics" I read that quote above and was actually embarrassed to be associated with these people. I understand the prejudice of youth, but to me anyone who thinks a PDA or smart phone is too complex for anyone but a graduate of MIT shouldn't be allowed to send e-mail to people. Sorry, but that's kinda where I am. Also, what moron doesn't keep their phone charged? Sorry, but - what??

I know it's the geek in me that's so put-off by this - but I gotta tell you that folks who are my age (and younger), who are already tired of people complaining that they can't understand why we use technology so much, are basically told by e-mails like the one I got, "Hey, we're so hopefully out of date that there's no real reason to hang out with us - why not look elsewhere?"

I e-mailed a friend in my region and he summed it up beautifully:
The year is now 1929! We're in the depth of depression following the market crash!


Dr. Qohelet said...

I think the real point of the email might have been to explain why they are sending out a cheap-ass little paper planner in an age when you could just set up a shared calendar on Google and call it quits. Of course, perhaps the email could have been phrased:

Forget about trying to reduce your carbon footprint by using renewable resources. Don’t worry about being able to relate to any of your congregants. Stop doing anything to effect the world in which you live or your ministry in a positive.

Instead, carry the pocket-sized, lightweight 2008 American Baptist Churches USA planning calendar, so that we can all look just the same

Just a thought...

Matt said...

I tried to call you the other day...but the darn crank that makes the phone dial broke. Can you believe that? I figured I was safe because I didn't have to plug in my cell phone anymore and this happens. If you ask me, it's the devil...

wezlo said...

And yet it could have been marketed as, "If you want to live simply, this might be something to consider..." In this age I wouldn't buy that, mind you, but it could have been done.

Instead is comes out as, "These darn kids today!!!"