Monday, September 17, 2007

You Can't Serve Two Masters

OK, so here's the link to the sermon outline for this week's sermon on the second word of the Decalogue. Here's some interesting tidbits to look for in the outline.
  • There's typos, it's a working copy and I know what I meant to say. The one's I saw, I fixed, the others - ya gotta deal.
  • You'll get to see where I click to advance the projection for the sermon. Anything in square-brackets triggers that in the outline. You might find it interesting.
  • I'm not putting this up because its an awesome sermon, I don't think it is. I thought you all might seeing how I build ideas to shape a sermon. This sermon needs to introduce too many concepts to be a favorite of mine - we just don't have enough of a concept of what a "idol" is or how it functions (which is why we're so prone to accidentally making them, I might add) to get the weight of the second word of the Decalogue (Jewish numbering).
Anyway, hope you find it interesting. Click this link for the outline - comment back here. I'll have the audio up for the first two sermons in the series soon.

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