Monday, May 14, 2007

Well, now I'm part of the problem (sort of)

Most people who know me realize that I don't have much time for bureaucracy. The unwieldy nature of bureaucratic structures make it almost impossible to get anything done. Why a lot of congregations have taken up a bureaucratic structure as the one true organization boggles my mind. There's absolutely no good reason why a group of under 200 people can't turn on a dime - but most small congregations tend to turn like aircraft carriers. They can make a turn, but until you've seen it you can't believe that it would be possible.

Well, now I'm part of the problem. Last week I was invited to be one the ABCNJ regional staff in areas of web-design and integrating technology and worship. Basically, it means I'm doing the same thing I've been doing, but now I have to go to staff meetings, I guess I'll have some sort of title (which are so important to me), I'll get a small stipend to fund the position (which is nice), and I'll be getting a yearly continuing education grant (which rocks).

Why did I make the shift? Well, long-time readers of my blogging know how I feel about our Regional Pastor. Lee's a good guy, he loves Jesus, and it helping the unwieldy nature of ABCNJ's bureaucracy to morph into something a lot more functional, flexible, and theologically sound. It's might kinda odd that stacking the "staff" would minimize the power of the bureaucracy, but it's actually working. So I guess I could say that I'm now part of the problem, as the problem becomes the solution (or something like that).

I've never really wanted to be part of our denomination's "power structure," it's not really something that makes my spirit move. I've also had, with several notable exceptions, some bad experiences with people who do want to be part of the power structure and see creative (and/or doctrinally orthodox) people as a threat to their grab for power. Since I really don't want to be part of the regional power-structure, but I have a calling to help congregations learn how to breathe in this culture (for the proclamation of the Gospel) - I guess I'm in the right spot.

Anyway, Dr. Q tells me that this'll be a good thing to have on my resume when I start trying to get my book on the theological underpinnings of CrossPoint-stye worship published.


Dr. Qohelet said...

Wezlo! Insist that your title in the ABCNJ be "technology czar"! Come on, you know you want it!

wezlo said...

That does have a nice ring it, though I'm still perplexed at the fact that we call people czar still - given how those guys ended up.