Sunday, May 20, 2007


For Mother's day every year the nursery school my son attends (and daughter attended) puts together a "cookbook" of the students "favorite recipes." That's in quotes because the "recipes" are from their perspective and put down in their own words. For some reason, my son told the school that "potatoes" was his favorite thing that mom makes for him (he doesn't like potatoes), here's his recipe for the dish:
Buy two potatoes. Cut up the potatoes. Put them in a pan with one hundred cups of water. Cook them in the oven for ten minutes at four degrees. Mash them with a hammer and you get mashed potatoes.
My son has watched my wife make mashed potatoes dozens of times - and this is how his current level of knowledge and experience interpret the process. Is it any wonder why I stress to Christians how they present the Gospel - which most people have neither the language or experience to put the Gospel "into practice" without getting things really weirdly distorted?

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