Tuesday, November 20, 2007

An anual event...

I've already started hearing the (now annual) calls to boycott stores that "dare" to say, "Happy holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" during the shopping rush which has swallowed Advent whole. In response, I think I'll have to make this an annual post. Folks here it is, once again (rendering errors and all) the longest video I've ever made, "Rediscovering Advent."


bill said...

Just watched your video on Advent and I wanted to say thanks. I am a pastor who has had many questions about Advent. My denomination has taught me nothing of it, but I have often felt we have misrepresented this Holy time, maybe even westernized it to the point of not understanding the birth of Christ at all. The video has given me a good basic understanding and I am going to incorporate it into next years worship. Thanks once again.

wezlo said...

Thanks for the kind words - if you get me your address (don't post it on this thread - contact me through www.crosspointings.org!) I'll copy my DVD version and get it to you.

Baptists, sadly, have generally tossed out the deep reservoirs of Christian Spirituality in the name of "simplicity." As the pastor of a Baptist Church - I continue to marvel at the logic that has led us to do so. If I hadn't studied with a Patristics scholar in my undergraduate work I would be woefully unprepared for my calling!